Poll-2017 Enhancements You Would Like To See


@Allen and @WideSmiler This might help! I view my activity history by going to my My Tasks and looking at my completed tasks. As you can see here, each of my tasks has a due date associated with it, so I can see what I did and when.

When I want a more specific activity history I use advanced search to sort by project, custom field, individual, due date, and more. Advanced search is a helpful reporting tool in general because it is very customizable and the search “favorite” function makes these searches easy to find. :slight_smile: I’m happy to elaborate.


I’m not sure if you would categorize them as big or small but two enhancements come to mind.

  1. I was thinking drag and drop of attachments directly from Outlook would be great but to be more universal it would be great to have a way to email attachments so they are added to an existing task. Just an easier way to get attachments out of my email and into Asana is what I am looking for.

Why? - While I would like everyone to use Asana I still get many emails, especially from outside my organization that includes attachments. Currently, I save the files and then upload them to Asana. This would just simplify the process.

  1. Enable uploading of attachments from OneDrive/Sharepoint.

Why? - We utilize O365 as an organization and it would make attaching documents easier if we could do so directly from these cloud services in addition to the current Dropbox, Drive, and Box services.


@paxman My Outlook attachment sendana.net to be release shortly will allow forwarding of Outlook Documents directly from Outlook for PC to Asana Project.



This post is a great idea. My team and I enjoy using Asana every day, for all kinds of workflows. Here’s a few enhancement opportunities, from my perspective:


  1. Continued development of feature-parity, with the web app, for the mobile iOS & Android apps.

I really appreciate the significant progress on the Asana mobile apps. I currently use it on my iPhone and iPad and would love to use it more, if not primarily, on my iPad. As a project manager, I see the future of business computing being based on mobile-optimized operating systems, such as iOS and Android. For me, the iPad is an incredibly flexible tool that is not only more efficient (in some cases) for managerial and administrative tasks, but it also breaks down the screen-sized “wall” that using a traditional laptop provides, when collaborating with my team, face-to-face.

  1. Reporting enhancements to the Progress view.

As a project manager in software development, it is common for my team to use a variety of agile techniques. One technique I regularly use is monitoring and tracking project velocity, via the use of story points (captured as a custom field). The Progress view is great for my team’s clients; however, it would be more effective for us if there were additional reports and graphs, that could be optionally added. Currently, I use a Google Sheet to record and monitor velocity – however, it would be amazing if it was automatically integrated, into Asana, for the full team to see.


  1. Finer control over mobile push notifications.

Push notifications can be great, when effectively used. As of now, I don’t have push notifications turned on; otherwise, my phone would be altering me all day and night! Having control over push notification settings would be a nice addition to Asana’s mobile apps that could further empower asynchronous collaboration with my team. Some considerations for these settings could be:

  • Set badge count to be tasks due today.
  • Receive push notifications only on tasks assigned to me (vs. everything I follow).

Please let me know if I can help clarify anything. Thank you for considering this feedback of an excellent product!


i truly agree with on your opinion to the push notifications!
But I don’t receive any notifications :confused:
I use asana so far alone, so i assigne every task to me and set due dates, but I still don’t get any push notifications in my iPhone as reminders…
Maybe you could help me with that :slight_smile:


Thanks @Flo !

Based on Asana’s guide, you should be receiving push notifications for “A task you’re assigned is due (sent around midnight on the day of the task’s due date)”:

As to why you’re not receiving those reminders, I’m not sure. If you haven’t already, I would recommend seeing if you have banners or alerts enabled in your iPhone’s Settings app, under “Notifications.” If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend signing out of Asana on your iPhone, deleting the app and then re-installing it, before signing in again.

I hope this helps! If this doesn’t, I’d recommend emailing Asana’s support: https://asana.com/support/ , as I’m not sure what else it could be.

Good luck!


Have a dedicated European server.

Why? Asana is really slow over here (in Switzerland). Also in Europe we now need to comply with the European data directive, which formally doesn’t allow us to store data in the US.

: ) thank you!


Hi everyone. This is my first ever post, so here goes . . .

Major (just one):

  1. I would love to see integration with Microsoft Power BI, or another alternative way of creating customisable dashboards/reports. The current dashboard is okay for a brief, high-level overview, but it would be great to be able to do more sophisticated data analysis. I’ve tried Google sheets but it’s not visual enough.

2. The ability to select more than one task in board view.
3. The ability to move from one task to the next in board view, without having to click out of one task and into another.


  1. I’d like to be able to sort by due date within a section - sort Upcoming by due date. I’d like to be able to put my week’s worth of tasks into Upcoming, and sorting by due date helps me move them up into Today. e.g.It’s Monday at 3pm, and I want to start working on tomorrow’s tasks…and I have to wade through lots of things in Upcoming to find them.

  2. I’d like start dates for tasks. Most of my tasks have subtasks, and both tasks and subtasks often take more than one day. I also have tasks that aren’t due particularly soon, but I want them to get “on my radar” at a certain point in time. e.g., I am giving a presentation on March 31, so on March 1, I want that project to start - I will do the work as time becomes available.


Sending your feedback to my product team, everyone. :slight_smile:

@michael_crema you’ll be glad to know the team is working on moving the mobile app toward parity with the web app. Slowly but surely. Also, have you tried using the export to Google Sheets for advanced reporting?

@Manuel_Klarmann Asana has a location in Dublin, Ireland, actually. :slight_smile: Performance (speed) is a key initiative at Asana. Thanks for your feedback.

@Mark_Hudson I recommend that you look at your options with Tray.io, Zapier, Unito, and IFTTT for more advanced, visual reporting.

@Emily_Springfield have you tried using advanced search to create custom views for your tasks? Advanced search is a super helpful reporting tool in Asana and it helps me view my tasks in the way you’re hoping for. I suggest you do an advanced search like so, then sort by due date, and favorite the search so you can access it in your sidebar whenever you need to.


Such a great thread! Loved reading everyone’s ideas and feedback to improve the product. Thanks for sharing :blush:


Awesome, great to hear @Alexis! Thanks for the follow-up.

I’ve tried Google Sheets export in the past, but made a note to give it another shot!


@michael_crema Something as simple as the csv export can be powerful, too! Please let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:


Very simple request as a new user.

1. See Today/Upcoming status in projects
In project view, I’d like a visual indicator (same as coloured custom field) to indicate what the status of the task is in My Tasks ie. is it in Today or Upcoming (and NO visual indicator if in Later) Otherwise the only way I can tell if the task is actually currently in my action soon lists, is the small history indicator “[name] marked today.16:35”. Could you just set an option in Custom Fields, to add a custom field, based on the My Tasks status?

Why? We use sections to group tasks into stages. So the sections might be Ideas > Queued > Doing > Blocked > Client > and Done ( which not needed in Asana because this is ticked!). In the project we drag around the tasks until completed. But when I personally review what is in Doing, I want to check if tasks allocated to me, are actually in the Today or Upcoming. If not, they should be, or should be moved Queued etc.


I have a lot of suggestions, but will give you my top 1:

The ability to filter inbox (to mentions only especially, but other filters would be great too)

This is probably the single reason we don’t use Asana for internal/delivery communication. The inbox is absolute information overload with a lot of routine stuff happening that gets reported here. I don’t want to unfollow tasks, but being able to filter the information coming in here would allow us all to respond to mentions and just see important stuff.


@AvalonJoe Have you considered updating your team’s notification settings at the project level and encouraging them to do the same? This is something I’ve done and it has helped me minimize the noise quite a bit. I periodically update these project notification settings if I see more noise happening than I’d like.


I could see this helping quite a bit (thanks for this suggestion), but don’t necessarily always want notifications a certain way. I think being able to filter in the inbox would still be helpful or perhaps having separate area that is a central point for mentions/conversations and another feed of activity that is what the inbox is now. I operate on the philosophy that people are lazy about stuff like this and the more finicky it is, the less like they will use the feature. So far, I have been unable to get anyone in our org to use Asana as a communication tool because it’s been hard to get the information in a centralized point that people gravitate too. I will see if I can get this going again with your suggestion! Thanks!


I now know that you can see the My Tasks status once a task is Open (small icon next to Avatar) but it would be much clearer, and easier to review at a glance, if this was an option to display in the project task list.

  1. Ability to advanced search for data in a custom field without knowing the name/title of the custom field
  2. Increased number of custom fields within a project
  3. Increased number of choices within a custom field


Hello all-
New to asana and this community. So still poking around in the app. So if something is already heappening
I run a small creative/marketing shop. Currently a Teamwork customer, but looking into some different options.

Over the past week, I’ve done several demos with other PM companies. Some have really great features but are more geared for larger teams, accounting/invoicing and/or the price point for us at the moment wouldn’t be a wise move.

#Major Feature

  1. I really enjoyed a feature that I used recently where an image or design was uploaded (.JPG, .PNG etc.) when clicked the image entered a large lightbox and was able to be marked up. Arrows, Boxes, text etc., which is super helpful. A small add-on to this feature would be to save versions which can be scrolled. A feature to that version idea would be to be able to look at 2 versions side-by-side.

Why? For creatives it’s super helpful to pin-point precise areas on design mockups. It also saves a bunch of time in trying to explain which areas.
How does it work? A mark was placed on the image/design and a comment field opened up on the right to explain what the mark on the image/design is trying to say.

  1. I dont even know if this exists, but it would be helpful. If we add a client, can we “impersonate” the client before inviting them so we can get a real-feel experience of how/what they would experience when they are invited.

Why? Not knowing what they will expereince can cause some anxiety. Having the ability to set the screen by which they enter would be great- we can add instructions, a welcome note etc.

#Minor Feature

  1. I dont even know if this is possible, but it would be helpful. We often use .PSD, .PDF file formats which do not show up on any platform. It would be cool to add a .PSD,.PDF and have that show up with the imahe, not only the attachment similar to what happens with .JPG, .PNG.
    Why? Seeing that there is something behind the card takes the guess work out of where to click/or if anything was done inside of the card.

  2. The ability to delete Files from the Files view tab. Seems pretty straighforward. I wrote in about this as it puzzled me. Here is the response I got, “Unfortunately, there’s no way to delete files from the Files View tab in a project. You can delete files from a parent task but the file will still appear in the Files View.”

Why? If you’re there, having a little X or something to delete the files while they are all in one place makes the user experience a bit easier.

Looking forward to learning more about this app, helping others where I can and hopefully becoming more organized and productive!