Poll-2017 Enhancements You Would Like To See



Still tinkering here with the platform.

I added a comment in one of the cards inside of a board. I realized I left out a piece of information and wanted to update it.

There is no Edit option? lol

Obviously, I can cut and paste, create a new note; add the additional text and submit. Then go back up and delete the older post with the incorrect info on it.

Anyone else have the same issue? Hopefully, I missed something here and there is a way to update my own comment.



There is an edit option if you click the pencil icon.


I am going to add a new comment inside of a card on one of my boards and
will look for a pencil. Thanks


@James_Carl this is what im working with- pls see attached. Any help would be awesome!


@Rich_Lamendola you’re correct. No edit option at this time. I find that the “Undo” feature is super helpful! You’ll notice an Undo link pop up for the first few seconds after you’ve made a comment.


Yes! @Alexis, the undo button. Do you know approx how long that undo button is active for? In other words, does the undo button stay and appear upon hover or does it extinguish after a certain amount of time?


As a further enhancement I would like emails on past due tasks to have the ability to check off within the email the one’s that are done. I have not had a great deal of success with the Complete or Done in the reply to the email. In addition, you may get multiple items that have to be treated individually. Also, sometimes when I click a task from an email notification, it opens up a brand new tab for a second running of Asana. Why wouldn’t you be able to have it go to the task within the tab you already have open. Maybe I am doing something wrong.


I would really like to see an option to edit your comments instead of having to delete and re-post. Is this enhancement in the works?


I second the request to select more than one task in board view! I run into that issue on a regular basis. If it helps, here’s what I’ve done in the interim for larger projects:
for any larger project, I pull the project template (or new project tasks) into two different projects - one designated “board” and one designated “list”. To do this quickly and easily, I start with the task view, select all tasks, then add the board view project all at once. It sounds arduous but it didn’t take me more than 10 seconds extra once I figured it out. It’s not a permanent solution, but it’s made a huge impact for me while I’m waiting for multi-task select in board view.


Sorry this reply is wayyyyy late @Alexis. Honestly, I cant’ track activity history in Asana. I see everyone’s recommendations for a workaround but I actually need activity history a bit differently:

Interactions on a project. 75% of the time the interactions I’m looking at/for are not tasks being completed. It could be comments, due date changes, new tasks created, or status updates on a project. I want to see it in one feed. It allows me to keep up from a manager perspective. Right now, I need to use a combination of sifting through sent emails and manually requesting updates. It makes it very hard for me to be prepared on the fly if a client calls me and I need to quickly see what work has been done by my team on a project. The only thing I can see right now is completed tasks unless I manually click through every individual task on a project. That doesn’t truly allow me to see what’s going on. A true activity feed would.


The undo button disappears after a few seconds. Just enough time to catch an error and fix it. :slight_smile:


I hear what you’re saying and can definitely understand the benefits of what you call a true activity feed. One last workaround you could try is an integration. Tools like Zapier, Unito, Tray.io, and IFTTT are super helpful for customizing one’s Asana experience.


Thanks! That’s a great tip. I’ll give it a try.


“Or” Functionality when searching - (contains tag X) or ((in project Y) and (due in next 5 days))

Option when hitting return in the middle of a line to split into 2 lines

Dragging from task in middle to other project on side.
This used to be a feature, then was removed for performance reasons. Ironically there is some bug that is still “sometimes” works for me - yes I admit this is more of a ToDo requirement than a ProjMan one.

Like the rest of the world - as soon as the boards have the same functionality as the lists and we can switch back and forth we are in killer territory (and I figure Atlassian will cry)


and alarms on due - for items with a due time


sorry to keep on adding to myself - but as I read more stuff on the community it triggers other items.
I sometime would like ability to move a subtask to be a subtask of a different task.

Only way I see to do it today is to pull out the subtask - make it a task and then drag it into another task.

Save time you say by pulling them all out to tasks at once (no problem)
But you can’t then take a selection of several tasks and drag them all to be subtasks of another one

Remember lots of suggestions/issues - just means we love the product and want it to be better !!


Awesome Mark, let me know how it goes! If it turns out to be a popular work-around, I’ll make a screencast for it to help others.


I’m here to ask for the comment edition feature also. I really miss it!


Yes please! I really NEED this feature. Really… :grin:

  1. Set Custom Fields at the project level in addition to the task.

Why? Our communications team supports 8 different campuses being able to define what campus the project is associated with would be allow us quickly search for all projects associated with a specific campus.

  1. Saved Searches
    Why? It takes several clicks to search all for a custom field, often I am doing the same search over and over again.