Poll-2017 Enhancements You Would Like To See


one more note on the custom fields, it would be very helpful if you could set default custom fields to be associated with all new projects that are created.


1.) Ability to switch an existing “board” type project to a “list” type project. If that function is already available, I haven’t been able to figure it out.

2.) I accidentally click the “mark complete” checkbox all the time! My fault, I know, but it would be nice to have a confirmation or undo. I currently, have to sort by “completed” and uncheck task.

3.) More color choices for projects and tags. I use colors a lot and could use some more choices.


RE: Saved searches

You can "star"the search result and it will save it for you:

Scroll down to “Star your Search Views” in this link:


i have same requirement, and in this case what I would add is that once Asana is now integrated with Microsoft Teams, would be great if you guys expand that integration with Onedrive and with most Office365 features


Love all of these! I also inquired about switching from board to task. I think @Alexis said that one was in the works.


@Geoff_Manning covered the saved search, but for your custom field request it sounds like you can use tags for this. Use a tag for each campus and then look for the tags in Advanced Search.


Would love to have a list view option of Files.


I’d like to edit and pin my conversations in “team conversations” and “project conversations”. I want the team to have an intro with project guidelines, relevant docs and links at the top. These posts may chsnge as the project status changes and as of now all i can do is delete my posts. =/


The most painful area of Asana is that it is not suited at all to external customer communication via email.

Sure customers can email in to tasks or conversations, but there are just too many buts and ifs that make it painfully obvious that Asana really hasn’t considered how external customer communication should be handled.

During the last 2 months, we have really tried to make it work, but it has been very painful. In theory, it should work, but in practice, it is obvious that this area has not been tested against reality.

Here are the most painful areas that need consideration and revamp in relation to external customer communication:

  • Email replies from customers are mile-long and impossible to read in mobile - sometimes so bad that they are impossible to read even on desktop (because they include the entire task history of conversations in each reply)
  • Customers have to remember weird x234243232@mail.asana.com type email addresses - they never do. They keep emailing me personally instead, doesn’t work when we have 10 customers and quickly growing
  • Asana’s emails to customers are UGLY - I have had at least 20% of my customer contacts (roughly 5 different people independently of each other) saying “Oh I could reply? Had no idea. I thought it was some automated email so I didn’t bother to read.”
  • Completing tasks when customers are followers send them weird emails, and I have got several responses back saying “I got this weird email from you which I had no idea what it was about or what I should do with”.
  • I created a support@[mycompanyname].com email address and added forwarders from certain customer domains to certain Asana tasks. Turns out, you have some weird SPF checker which gives an SPF error and doesn’t add tasks for roughly 30% of my customers (and yes, I have checked, and they have valid SPFs, and also, it works and doesn’t work intermittently even from different customers using the same sender domain)

It’s just painfully clear that Asana hasn’t prioritized external customer communication via email, which makes the tool impossible to use with agencies because we can’t force our customers to log into Asana just to communicate with us.

These issues are all relatively easy to fix compared to the huge advantage the fix would bring. If you did, it would make Asana the first tool that combines project management with customer support (believe me, I’ve tried everything. I have logins to roughly 25 different systems, none of them does the job and has the same type of incredible process-think that as Asana does.)

Here is what you should do:

  1. Email replies should truncate above a “reply above this message” line or automatically exclude previous messages
  2. Customers should be able to email a custom support@[companyname].com domain or something else we can choose, and inside Asana we should be able to map various “From:” domains with various projects.
  3. Asana emails should look like they come from a person, not from some automated system that the customer instinctively deletes.
  4. External project members should not get notifications for task completions, or at least we should be able to choose what notifications are sent to different people.
  5. Remove or fix your SPF checker. It doesn’t work.

Fixing this would make Asana the world’s first project management tool that also does customer support. And it would finally be possible for an agency with multiple customers to have a single project management, customer support, and customer communications tool that works.

  1. Ability to select undo.
  2. More customizing options and filtering options for calendar.
  3. More options for notification alerts. Right now I believe if you turn off some of the notifications in the profile you will not receive alerts even when people are commenting to you directly with the @


I would like to see advancement in the search capabilities. While there are a lot of attributes that are available to search, there is a lot more that can be done and is being done with other Project/Task management apps.

iOS Workflow App - Select Reminders to push to Asana

1 - Custom Field needs to be able to handle links, I’d like to add links to relevant info. Right now if you put a link in a Custom field it shows just the text of the link. Description will show links, so not sure why Custom Field does not offer that option.


I am new here (just started today actually) but I love this idea. As a graphic designer, one of the reasons I decided to use this is because my company is growing and I needed to eliminate “email” as my primary project management tool. I get projects via email, I send projects out via email, proofs, revisions, etc. via email. One of the major reasons I thought ASANA would be a great tool was because of the ability to invite guests (clients) to proof and approve projects without having to create a new email stream or have things get lost in current email streams…it just becomes a huge hassle. I’m kinda bummed to find out that if we invite clients into a project, they have almost the same amount of access as other team members. I may be wrong about that, but thats what i read in another thread. Anyway, these ideas are amazing and I hope if they aren’t already implemented that they will be


@Courtney_Horton @Courtney_Horton While I agree there is always opportunity to fine tune privileges, you can restrict a client to a single task by not having them as a member of the Project or the Team the Project is in. It is not perfect as very little shows us on their Asana from you other than the task. Combine that with something like Google Drive and you have versioning on your attachments. You can even use a free version of Google Drive. The link is dynamic to the latest version or “proof”. I don’t know if this helps but thought I would throw out for your consideration…


Thank you! This is helpful. I guess I was looking for something that was
already inside Asana and not have to use 3rd party apps. That’s why I liked
the OPs idea so much. It seemed like this is something that should already
be incorporated into this platform. When I started looking up project
management systems for graphic designers, this platform was one of the
first that I saw. So I figured stuff like proofing and versioning was
already a part of it. But the more I look around, it isn’t specific to
Graphic Designers and is more of an all around solution for all businesses.
Which is cool, but not sure it’s going to suit my purposes completely. I’m
still shopping around but I’m not giving up on it yet. I can no longer
utilize email as my go to project management tool…so…I gotta figure
something out.

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  1. Enable a “Hack” control to allow users to hide “waiting on” tasks from “my tasks” list. This is the major piece missing for task dependencies to be useful in our environment. We all have task overload, and we don’t need more things showing up in our task list when we can’t actually work on them anyway. But…if the dependent task was completed, then the new task should appear in the (pre-assigned) assignee’s task list. This would allow us to schedule out so much of our work sequentially. Would be huge across our company.



Our biggest pain point right now is the Files view. Improvements we’d like to see:

  • Stronger organized structure. I see tasks acting like sub-headers
  • Different sorting options (sort by filename, task, date added, person that uploaded the file etc.)
  • Ability to remove files from the Files view
  • Ability to download files (rather than opening a new tab)
  • Document previews for filetypes beyond just .JPEG’s
  • Ability to only allow certain users to see a file (default would be everyone, there are just instances where we need this feature)


Great points and a most definite need.


Yes yes yes. Love this. A huge reason I love Asana is for the calendar view. But a lot of the work just needs to be done “sometime” before a hard due date. It’d be so nice not to have to set a due date for those tasks to get them to appear in calendar view to outline/plan our work. (Keep due dates for stuff that’s actually, well, due… while being able to see your “intended” workload by schedule)


I’d be glad to be able to easily copy a group of tasks with its subtasks.

Mitch McQuinn described it when the custom templates feature was annouced:

We have a project for each one of our clients, and each client could sign up for any one of our services at any time, and each one of these services has it’s own list of tasks and subtasks. It would be awesome if, when a client signs up for one of our services, we could append a list of tasks to the ones they already have directly in their project without having to create a whole new project, move all the tasks over to the client’s project, and then delete the project we just created from the template… (http://disq.us/p/1jmxdzb)

This is also our case, and besides we have some tasks we perform in particular project once a year or two years. On the one hand we do not want to keep them in the project so that the list were not too long and it was clear what is to be done. On the other hand we want to keep those tasks somewhere on the template list and copy them all quickly to projects we want those tasks to be performed in.