Premium Versus Free Field


If I consider adding Start Date to does the API identify whether somebody has a Premium or free addition as I believe this is only available in Premium edition.



Hey @James_Carl and happy new year :slight_smile:

Premium organizations have admins. This the only way to identify if an organization is premium as far as I know.


Great question, I might have the same problem with custom fields!


Hopefully @Matt_Bramlage or @Jeff_Schneider can weigh in also on how the user could be distinguished in order to gray out the Start Date for Free Users.


Hey @James_Carl, @Bastien_Siebman, @Diakoptis,

This is a great question, though I don’t have an easy answer for you. We don’t have any sort of “is_premium?” endpoint as premiumness is somewhat fluid. For example, a user can be premium in certain projects or domains, but not in others.

We hope to add a premiumness check in the API in the future, but don’t yet have a clear path to do so.

One workaround (that Instagantt uses) is to just try to access a premium feature in the API on behalf of a user. If it works, then the user is premium.

Sorry we don’t have a better solution for you at this time.



Just to elaborate a little on what @Jeff_Schneider has explained – the user object in Asana’s data model can never be premium in itself. It can only be associated with domains (Workspaces or Organizations) that are premium. A user has access to premium features only within those premium domains.

So what you’d want to be testing by trying to access a premium feature (like admins, custom fields, or start date) is whether or not the domain associated with a user is premium rather than if the user is premium. Or, if you would just like to know if the user is a member of any premium domains, you’d want to loop through their workspaces field checking each domain.

Hope that helps!

Start Dates & Other Changes - March 2018 API Updates

I think from what I am hearing it is premature to add Start Date to, to much risk of confusion especially when as I understand a Free Organization can have a Premium Project or Team within it. I think this has been a good conversation though because it will have to be addressed with the ever evolving differences between free and premium organization.s Thanks for the help.