Private Notes section


It would be helpful for me if there was a section on a task where a user can input private notes. For me, this would be used during meetings to remind myself where the task is based on my progress and others. I do not necessarily want it to be a comment and notify everyone but would like to have a separate area for my personal notes on a task.


Yes, and then be able to privately share notes with specific people that other task members can’t see.


Agreed! Would love a private notes textbox - I’ve always just typed out some notes in the comment and not hit Send - however that doesn’t work well when you accidentally click Send, or if you need to comment publicly later.

In terms of sharing notes, I would like to see a “Private to Me” vs a “Shared within My Organization” - not individual users, but since most of our projects have external clients connected, having a internal vs external space in the same project would be very helpful!


Totally agree. A note-to-self feature would prevent me from having to create docs and memos elsewhere.