Push Notifications at 'Due Time'



Hi @AmyHampton - Thanks for your thoughtful questions.

Regarding point #1: At this time Asana does not offer push notifications in the browser. Instead, you’ll see notifications for tasks and projects you follow directly in the Asana inbox. Your inbox will vary depending on your notification settings. https://asana.com/guide/get-started/try/inbox-notifications

Regarding point #2: I think there’s some confusion around the inbox vs. notifications. See the link above.

Let us know if you have other questions.


Hi Jill! I suggest you check out the notifications settings section of this article

…and also take a look at the article I provided in the post above. :slight_smile:


“Team members” is probably the reason my inbox is underutilized. I am my team. In looking at the graphics under “Checking my Inbox”, all the activity items are triggered by other team members and end up in the account owner’s inbox. Since I am task owner with no team, it doesn’t appear that there would be an activity to trigger an inbox notification.

Now on to these pesky notifications… am I wrong to define “push notifications” as an alert from Asana to my mobile device? And the inbox notifications (as in the list of things in the graphic in the link you kindly provided) are considered “inbox stories”? Using these definitions, I still am trying to find out why my phone won’t alert me when I set a due date/time with Asana.

Also you state above:

  1. According to the blog post found here (https://blog.asana.com/2017/04/mobile-app-updates-tags-spotlight-search-1password/), the statement that “all android devices” should receive push notifications is limited to Android N phones. I am not receiving push notifications on my M phone even though they are enabled. Again is this due to the lack of an N phone? Is this because I am both owner and task completer? (no need to notify if person is one and the same)

  2. Are push notifications solely generated by inbox stories? If the task due date/time notification is set by the Project Owner, will only the project members see the inbox story and therefore receive a push notification (assuming they aren’t logged into the web version and have notifications enabled.)?

If that’s the case, then fine. If not, I can’t figure out why I was getting push notifications on my mobile app in the previous version of Asana and not now, as I am using it exactly the same way. Although I have many things entered in Asana, I assign myself to the tasks that are “hot” right now. These show up in the my task window and items with a due date also show up in the calendar view.

I apologize for beating the proverbial horse here. I am trying to run a freelance web studio, teach at a local university and take graduate classes and not lose my mind in the process. I need a trusted system. I need a robust project manager to help me succeed during this crazy busy season. Asana is the best product out there (features, device compatibility, speed mobile/online, and attractiveness) and I just want to make sure that if there are holes, I can find a way to plug them and create my trusted system.


Hi Amy! I’ll be glad to help clarify. I’m reaching out to my colleagues on the mobile team and will follow up with you when I have more information.


Hi Amy,

I followed up with my team and here’s what I learned.

At this time we’re not able to offer due time notifications and due date notifications currently need to be updated. We completely understand how frustrating this can be and we’re trying to come up with a long term solution.

An interim solution: users only get due date notifications once a task has been sorted. Sorting is currently available as an A/B test on Android. Members of the A/B test can sort their tasks by swiping them and marking them as upcoming or later. And of course all users can sort on the web app by clicking the blue dot.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! We’re glad that Asana has been a helpful resource for you.


So it looks like I’m going to need to port these things over to a dedicated task manager. Hopefully, you folks can get this sorted soon. If there’s any way I can be of help to your team as a case study (the weird little Android-loving solopreneur that I am), please let me know.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for clarifying some things for me like the mysterious absence of items in my Inbox. Lol. I’ve kind of contained the chaos of not having real time push notifications or a reliable inbox by limiting everything down to a business and personal workspace and limiting that to a few projects in each. I still have to manually check into the task board in each workspace each day but at least the overwhelm of dozens of projects has been contained. It felt like free falling when I first tried going without the notifications but I’m actually kind of getting used to it. It has definitely helped me gain clarity over my zillion Trello cards. I set up Asana because I wanted to keep tasks separate from reference info and planning notes. And it’s working really well for that but I still wish I had some of the task management functions.

I’m realizing now that Asana is designed primarily as a collaboration tool but it seems so silly to not include really basic task management functions and full real-time push notifications. Without them, a secondary, redundant system is required for managing deadlines and task and project progress which seems to sort of defeat the idea of streamlining.

Asana is getting traction among solo operators like us but without basic things like real-time notifications and Inboxes that can gather all current tasks from all current projects, I’m not sure they’ll be able to keep that up for any length of time. It seems like a really unfortunate decision by Asana to not backtrack a little bit to include that. They’re probably not very worried about capturing the solo and small team market.


I agree completely. I have a GTD-ish setup. Asana Projects are my Areas of Focus (AOFs) which contain Tasks (GTD projects) which are broken down into sub-tasks as needed. I then use a series of tags to categorize different things like @waiting_for and @next for next actions. To keep my capacity at a sane level, I only assign tasks to myself when they are top priority. Those show up on the My Tasks and create an easy dashboard for me to reference. I’m able to put reference material into Google Docs and files as needed. It’s working well so far and would be darn near perfect if the notifications were working like the other task managers do.


Whenever I import an asana task with “due date” and “due time” included to my google calendar, it automatically deletes the “due time” and only states “all day” as the due date.

Is this normal?

To clarify, I was planning on using that “task” simply as an ALARM for a meeting, not necessarily a task that requires a period of time, but an “alarm” in a “calendar”.

If this feature is not included, I will have to juggle between Asana and another Calendar app for setting up meetings and reminders.

If that is the case, I hope Asana includes this alarm-handling feature soon.


A notification when the due time is reached is very important for my team. Can you say when the feature will come?


I could agree more with your statement. This feature is a must. Come in Asana


Please, try to do this feature, sure if you do crowdfounding we pay for it…


So is ASANA going to do something about it or ir there a reason not to? because it is pretty clear that a lot of people need this feature and it’s also something that anyone could anticipate the the app would eventually have to integrate, so why are there still no push notifications or reminders for tasks in asana?


This is another vote for this feature. Having the ability to be notified at a certain time is a crucial feature. Please add ASAP. Thanks


I think I’m still at a bit of a loss as to why ‘due time’ exists as data to populate if it doesn’t prompt an action.

That just so nails it Jason!

Coming from a (Mac) personal task manager with tons of due date and due time notifications and nag screens, now using Asana with our company with a team of 10, missing due date /time (push) notifications are the biggest flaw in Asana I have been able to detect.

Asana gets 10/10 for team collaboration for sure! But when it comes down to the individual that would want / need some reminders / notifications for their tasks, it is big time lacking for me and I have never missed out on / was late on tasks since switching to Asana. Of-course only I am to blame here and not Asana to blame, but Asana could be so helpful with (push) notifications.

Hoping soon there will be an option for this (and nope… email notifications won’t do. We’re trying to get centralized and get rid of email clutter, not create more).

Big thanks to the developers of Asana! I’ll buy you all a beer/smoothy/water/fruitjuice/icetea/coffee if you can get the push notifications running :wink:


Asana, the response is overwhelming. Please add this vital feature. It could really make the product stand out.


Seriously, this NEEEEEEEEDS to happen, especially over a large organization. It’s a must in my opinion and may be the very reason i switch my teams to something else


I second this. It’s feels odd having to stick to a task manager “on the side” of Asana in order to get push notifications for those time critical tasks.


Hi there!
so which is the most effective work around at the moment for the missing due time alert feature missing?
can anyone share it while an official release has place?
thanks a lot!


Adding my fervent request for this feature! Please and thank you!