Real time, two way, google calendar integration


Looking into migrating my 5+ person team to ClickUp now because of this issue.


Also testing ClickUp after reading the suggestion here. Different but promising at first. The only thing I miss so far is emailing directly to task list, works only via zapier integration. Calendar sync works well so far.


@Alexis Any news on this? Thanks


Very sad that Google Calendar is not updated more often. I need the ability to schedule tasks in google throughout the day and will therefore search for an other solution instead of Asana.


Agree with all the votes. Would make the Asana use much easier.


@Alexis do you know if ASANA planned something about this really important feature?


@Alexis Indeed we have the same question again on our side. Is there any plan to fix it or any way to push for it ? If not we will migrate to Clickup or other similar tool.


Hi everyone and thanks for continuing to share your feedback with us. I do not have an update to share just now, but I wanted to let you know that we’re monitoring this thread closely, and I will make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!


Hi all! It looks like has achieved instant calendar sync with their application, so it is possible. The calendar event updates immediately. Inside the google calendar entry it says, “This event was automatically created from an email.” if that’s helpful.