Removing a teammate after they leave the organization


We had a teammate leave the organization. She had set up several teams and projects with tasks. A new employee is using her old computer, but her own login and email address. Her opening “My Task” screen shows the old employee’s ID. Is there a way to remove this and have the new employee visible in the opening screen.
Also, if we remove a creator of a project from a team, does it delete or alter the project and tasks?


Hey @Jerry_Wright, if you had a teammate leave the organization, I’d definitely recommend deprovisioning that user from your organization.

If you are a free organization, you can remove the person following these steps here:

In the event that you’re in a premium organization, the admin of your organization can remove users:

Once you have removed the old employee, I’d recommend creating a new account for the new teammate.

Lastly, if you remove the creator of a project from the team, this will NOT alter the project in any way.

Hope this helps!


Thank you - this was helpful!