Reorder a Timeline view?


I set up a new project in list view, and in order to use the timeline to schedule the tasks from the list, I first gave everything the same due date. My thinking was this would place all my tasks into the timeline in the right order, so I could just drag them into position. However, what this actually did was drop everything on the timeline in the reverse order of the initial list. And when I did put dates on everything, I ended up with a waterfall that “flows” up.

In other words, the earliest tasks on the left of my timeline are on the bottom of the view, and the last tasks are at the top of the view.

Is there any way to regenerate or redraw the timeline view so that it looks like a proper waterfall?


We are wondering this over at my company as well. We have time set aside for some “trial and error” but so far the timeline is a little more burden than useful.


Hi! Ah shucks that sounds irksome @Brian_Titus and @Laura_Johnson . Of course here’s the Guide article about Timeline

Regarding your situation in particular, I’d recommend multi selecting groups of tasks and reordering them via drag and drop. This way you can grab a group of related tasks and quickly switch them around.

It’s very helpful to know that this is an issue that can come up with Timeline. We appreciate you sharing! And I hope that the workaround I provided helps give you a quick solution. Perhaps other Community members have ideas, as well.


Thanks for the reply. In this case, the issue is the vertical ordering… so it’s not really possible to drag in groups; each task would have to be dragged to the correct vertical position. See screengrab:


I think it’s more that what we are assuming will be the order of timeline tasks (ie: sections and tasks within a section will remain grouped) are not exactly happening the way they would in other project management software (ie: Microsoft Project). We’re hoping with some trial and error we’ll be able to shift a significant amount of business to asana - just need to figure out the quirks.


Another vote for a quick fix to Timeline sequence. Asana should automatically lay tasks out in the same sequence as the task list (down the page), and in the same sections.
I now have a project of 100 tasks which I have to manually move every task to the correct locations and for each move Asana generates a notification about changing dates (which I’m not changing).


Brian, somehow you are in a better position than I am! My tasks are all over the place on the timeline. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason behind it! If there is – it’s lost on me.

+1 for a LTR waterfall view of timeline
+1 for subtasks that have been assigned to the project to also appear “under” the main task.


+1 of the ordering of tasks on the timeline. If we could get the Asana timeline to look and operate like Instagantt we’d be set.


This!! We want so badly to use Timeline for our particularly complex projects but however it decides to Cascade on the back end and the seeming complete disconnect from sections makes it unusable.


Yup. +1
Please make this a priority. Asana finally cam out with a “Gantt chart” solution and it is unusable at this time.