Sidebar Team Sorting



Hi @Tiff_Setzler
While this is not possible just yet, I’m going to move this post to our #productfeedback category so our team of engineers can see the public interest in developing this feature.


Unfortunately not, there have been requests like this and also the ability to expand and collapse in one button to the Team level.


Hi @Tiff_Setzler, unfortunately no.

The only way to sort the Teams in sidebar is by drag&drop.


Please, please add this - our project managers especially are having trouble with this, but it’s not just them. Can’t just be dragging and dropping hundreds of teams in the hope of keeping them sorted.


I would add the ability to expand and collapse also.


I believe expand/collapse is in? Or perhaps you mean that you can also view projects in the sidebar and expand/collapse those at will? @James_Carl


No, I am suggesting Expand/Collapse of Team titles so you can see every Team Name but not the projects on one click. Thus for example you see all departments (if you use for Teams). The current expand/collapse does not do much for me as its either you see everything or just the name Teams. Better to see the Team names. Thanks


Sounds like something I didn’t know I wanted but do now. :slight_smile: