Sort in new tasks/upcoming/later


I want to sort my tasks in “new tasks” “upcoming” and “later” - is this something you need to upgrade for doing? I have the free version and can only se “new tasks”:


The section Today/Upcoming/later don’t appear if they are empty.
The first time you need to clik the little blue circle on the right of the line of the task in your Mytasks.

Once you’ll have at least one task in each section then they’ll appear all the time.


Hi @katarina.haaralofste to follow up on @Julien_RENAUD reply, you don’t need to have the free version to sort out your new tasks in the Today, Upcoming and Later sections; but as Julien explained, the Today, Upcoming and Later sections in your My Tasks ( will disappear if there are no tasks in them.

To bring them back, move any of the tasks in your My Tasks list to the missing section ( You can do this by clicking the icon to the right of the task title in the main pane, or using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Tab+Y - Today
Tab+U - Upcoming
Tab+L - Later

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions!


Thank you! When sorted in Today/Upcoming/Later - is it possible to have them sorted after due date in each of those categories?


Hey @katarina.haaralofste, thanks for following up! Unfortunately, this is not possible, if you sort your “My Tasks” by due dates, you will automatically lose the Today, Upcoming and Later sections. But you can easily re-arrange your tasks manually with your sections using the drag and drop function!


ok thank you :slight_smile: