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First, let me say that I use today, upcoming, later and it’s great. This is built in to Asana and it reminds you when tasks are due as well as automagically moves them among the 3 lists as needed (assuming you put due dates on everything). Sorting your Today list manually should really be done every day since sorting by date doesn’t do anything if all tasks are due today lol.

The major issue I have is that items I place in the “Upcoming” section are not sorted by date. That’s why I’m here voting +1. I have to manually sort these and it’s really annoying. Now one could argue that I don’t HAVE to do that since Asana will automatically move them up to “Today” as needed. That doesn’t change the fact that I need to review my upcoming from time to time and potentially drag move things to “Today”. It also doesn’t change the fact that my OCD is furious with dates out of order lol.

Please please please add due date sorting by default to “Upcoming”.

Now I’d like to address the idea of custom Sections sorting. While I would like sorting in individual sections we create… this will require a pretty major overhaul to their code. Currently Sections we create using a colon (or clicking the “Add Section” button) are just a fancy task (bold/underline). There are a couple views where sections matter but for the most part they are NOT tied to ANY tasks below them. This would make adding sorting options futile as there is nothing to sort. Custom Sections would need to actually contain the tasks below them (not as subtasks…) in order to sort per Section. This is definitely possible; however, it’s much less probable than just getting due date sorting for Today/Upcoming/Later


“My Tasks” List - I would like to see the “sort” option set up similar to what is available in Excel’s sort feature. For example: View incomplete tasks by project, then by due date.

Within Projects - I would like to see an additional sort level to sort by the assignee, then by due date

Currently, I do not see a way to sort in that manner and based on the community posts it doesn’t look like Asana has a multi-level sort feature. Kindly advise.


Hi @Kristen_Kramer! I’ve gone ahead and added your post to Sorting in Asana to gather all feedback on one thread! :slight_smile: