Status Updates: Need options for "remind me every ___"



Hi, all!

As our digital agency’s marketing coordinator, I update the status of all of our projects so that our team knows what’s coming up for the week. I do this every Monday so that we have a roadmap for our work.

But…Asana only gives users the option to “Remind me to update the status every Friday”! I think Friday is a poor choice for updating projects.

-First off, your team has probably already checked out of work on Friday when you update the status.
-It also creates a 2-day gap (the weekend) between the status update and the subsequent work that probably needs to be done.

Sure, I could make myself a reoccurring task due every Monday that reminds me to update project statuses, but I don’t want to have to create a workaround! Asana, please give people options for status update reminders similar to the way you give options for recurring tasks, and allow us to pick which days we want to remind ourselves to update statuses :slight_smile:

Agree with me? Leave a comment! Or maybe there already is a solution to this?! Comment and let me know!


I would recommend using recurring Tasks instead.