Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)



Please. Please. Please build this.


Great idea Katie. Thanks


Another + 1 for this feature. Any suggested timelines for when this might be in place?

I’m looking to migrate from Wrike, but the ability for people to select their own preferred view of a project is a bit of a blocker at the moment.


Will edits & comments made on the List be automatically updated on the Board?


+1 This would really help convert some users we have who argue when having to use one or the other. Depending on the project. (boards make my head spin) :slight_smile:


+1 Looking for this features. Thanks… Atul


It’s the same task in both places, so yeah! It’ll be the same on both views - with the exception of section headers (and column titles).


I’m not sure that “Of course you can do the same method starting with board view” is correct.
Your method involves multi-selection of tasks. <-- Multi-selection of tasks is not possible in board view.


Another vote for this! OR enable us to select board or list view when converting a task to a project rather than defaulting to list view, solving at least part of the issue without having to give us the ability to toggle back and forth.


Please enable this feature! If you can make the columns become headers in the list views, that’d be excellent. It’d be wonderful to switch back and forth as needed.


I as well would like to have the option to convert board view to list view, even if it is not a “toggle”. After running a while in board mode, realizing that list mode would be more effective and not being able to convert that project to list mode is quite unfortunate and disappointing.


+1 for the ability to switch! I could see boards being super useful, but I’m not willing to setup a board if I can never flip it back over to a list. I live in lists, but would love to see that zoomed out view in boards every once in awhile.


If I can’t do this I’m heading back to Trello.

The lack of actual answers 6 months later is unbelievable. Is it happening or not? If yes, is it days/weeks/months?

Trello does boards better and their integrations and automations (“Powerups”) are far better. If Asana had easy switching it would kill Trello as you wouldn’t have to choose between visual and tasks. Frankly the way Asana is set up there is little benefit to even using boards compared to keeping those in trello.

I moved to Asana assuming this switch views existed (stupid me) and now have paid my team to create everything in Asana and now it’s stuck in Boards.


HI Tracey - We’re sorry to hear this is frustrating for you. While we cannot provide a roadmap at this time, we assure you that this is functionality we’re thinking about. If you’re interested in staying with Asana, this post provides a simple workaround for switching between boards and list view:


+1 for this functionality. Would be amazing!


So then there are two versions of the same project?

Tracey Lorenson


That’s the idea! If you tether the tasks to a list and a board project, any edits you make to the tasks in the one project will be reflected in the other. So effectively you have the same project but one is in list view but the other is in board view.

However, this method does allow you to reorder tasks in list view differently than you do with the cards in boards view if that’s something you’re interested in. It means more flexibility if you want it.

Let us know if you have other questions.


While we wait for this to be developed or not…
I am a new user to Asana, when I create projects formed by adding a project to a new task can I make this default to board view and not list view?
When will you be able to switch, seems a minor request from a development perspective, i could be wrong.


+1 for the List / Board Switch.


+1, it’s a bit surprising that this functionality doesn’t exist