Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)



Yes please, please, please add this feature! So needed!


This has been frustrating me for quite awhile. I agree with @PATRICK_LOCKERMAN. I’ve run into the same issue where a list would be better, but I couldn’t switch.
While the work around is ok, I think this should be a feature. I looked at Trello, but it’s too simple for what I want to do.
I recently came across Zenkit www.zenkit.com and they are able to switch between list and boards (kanban), plus table, calendar and mind map. I’ve dug into it lately and it’s great!
They are new to the market and have been updating a lot lately. Probably worth a look. If they can do it, surely Asana should be able to.


Zenkit.com has done it, I am sure Asana can do it too


I found that if I hold Ctrl and scroll with the Middle Mouse button, I can zoom in and out of the board so I can see more of the tasks at once. You can also click the expand arrow at the bottom right of any task with an attached image to “Show No Image” to clean minimize how much space the tasks take up on the board. Sorry if this is a weird place to post the comment, but I didn’t see any better places to post it.


I think it’s more of a philosophy that asana has adopted that you are either a list project or boards project and prevent you from moving away from it.

You already have board view and you already have task list view, none of the information is changing (though I agree I am no expert) when the view layout changes, task remains a task and all associated features are available from both views.

I am a developer and I can tell you all that this is a few hours development work with 1 day max to test if it works correctly or not.

I would have hoped the product manager/forum admins/company at least have spine and say yes we are restricting it and that’s the way it’s going to be.


Yes. This.


+1 boards to list switching functionality


+1! Really surprised this function doesn’t exists :confused:


Please make this Boards<>List happen.



Our team would really need this feature.


Yeah it has been several months and we’re still waiting on this…please make it happen :pray::pray::pray:


+1. do you already have an idea when the feature will be ready?


Heading back to Trello.


+1 This would be very useful. Seems crazy that you have to create a board from scratch just to change from list to board layout…


Aisling! How funny that I was reading this help thread and came across your name :slight_smile: We just started using Asana for our yoga studio


Yay! This is actually preferable since you can decide which tasks get “pushed” to the Boards view. NICE! Not seeing the need to switch and existing board back and forth, but yet another bell & whistle! :slight_smile:


Just come across the need to do this myself today. It would be really handy!


I was considering switching to Asana - I love everything but this ability is a requirement for my team. It is a no go without it. I willing to move with a date commitment but can’t without a something beyond hope.


+1 for this. Or even multi select in a Board view to copy over would do the trick.


+1 for this feature!