Tasks showing tag colour instead of project colour in team calendar



Hi guys!

So I am running a social media calendar for a hotel chain. Each project represents a hotel. And each task is tagged either as an Instagram Post or a Facebook Post.

I would like each hotel project to display the assigned project colour in the calendar view. However, only one is doing this. The other projects are displaying the assigned tag colour. Which is extremely confusing and doesn’t help me differentiate between projects in the team calendar.

I have looked everywhere for a solution - even copying the only project that uses the project colour in the calendar. However, nothing seems to work.

Any solution so that each project displays in the team calendar with it’s assigned project colour rather than the tag colour?

Thanks in advance!


Are you using the free or premium version of Asana?

Just to confirm, you have a color set for every project (not just the one)?


Hi Crystal :slight_smile:

I’m using the free version. And I have a colour set for every project, and each tag (I’m using two). I would like the project colour to be the main one showing on the team calendar - at the moment most projects are showing the tag colour instead.



@Katie_Dawes the best I can figure with my testing is that the color is determined by your action. There is an heirarchy to the colored dots that are sub-colors on the side it seems (project>custom fields>tags) but the main color seems to be defined by which action step you took first that was associated with a color.

Here’s a couple examples

I would reach out to support to verify how this works though. This is just my best guess.


Thank you so much for your testing and the time you took on this Crystal :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we can’t fix the problem this way so we’ve reached out to Asana on Twitter. Hopefully, we can find a solution!

Thanks again and have a great day!


If you find a solution or get more insight into this, please let us know. I’m curious to know exactly how Asana determines this.


Hi there,
I’m in an exactly similar situation, there doesn’t seem to be a logic to the color coding in the calendar view.

Following this thread for any insights.


I am having the exact same issue. On my team colour certain tasks are showing as the project colour with a small square denoting their tag (preferred), others are showing as the tag colour with a small square denoting the project. Is there a way to make it all consistent?

Thank you so much!!!


I am having the same problem - which is frustrating because it seems to be a common complaint with no real workaround. My current solution to this is toggling the project highlight on and off in the calendar view to see my tag colours better, which is less than ideal! Come on, Asana! Help a brother out here.


Hi folks! I’ve followed up with our product team to see if there’s more information we can share with you. Stay tuned!