Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically?


Hi @Tom_Woolley,

What specific concerns do you have? We’d be happy to help you explore more ways that Asana can work for your team. Keep us posted :slight_smile:


What we’re getting at is that we don’t want the tasks that exist within a TEMPLATE to appear in people’s “My Tasks.” When the template gets used, of course the tasks should get assigned-- but it would be much clearer to the users if the tasks were not assigned just because they were part of a template.



Mee too, I would even say that it is mandatory for a template that its tasks do not appear in anyones tasklist.
The template is the model, the project is the instance of that model.
Please fix asap.



I would love it if template tasks were excluded from “My Tasks”, a template is not an active project, and this creates confusion across my team.