The forum has a new look!


Welcome to the refreshed Asana community forum! You’ll notice new category names and a more dynamic user experience. For questions and comments about the new look and how to use the forum, please reach out to @Alexis in the Site Feedback category.


Woah! Looks great!! BEST community ever


@Alexis Great new look… Any chance there will be a how to soon? There seems to be so much additional functionality options that have been added… Not sure what they all mean…


Thanks @Jason_Woods! And thanks for that feedback. If possible, could you describe what in particular needs the most clarity? There are several automatic messages that appear to guide users through the product, so I’m wondering what we can add to make the user experience more natural, but not overwhelm people with information. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


@Alexis Yep will do.


I loved new design. Thank you asana team!




I liked new design. Looks amazing.




As I know, templates are project based. Is it possible for users to add templates into a task? If yes, how to do it?


I simply create a task, add [Template] to the name and copy the task every time I need it.
Hope that helps


Dear Asana team

I don’t get it, would you mind to show me the steps, or a link, or
screenshots, for better understanding? Thank you very much!



Hi Lee,

here are the screenshots.