Thread Closure ? Attaching Files from GSuites new Team Drive(s)


I find it unbelievably ridiculous that the previous thread on this topic has been closed.

Just because a year has elapsed no fix has been provided for this functionality. Just because people are calling out the absurdity of the situation. Every other product we use has fixed this defect. Asana still has not addressed this defect and as I have said before is still advertising it as a selling feature. See here and and The integration no longer works, one side of the integration made changes and now the google drive integration is broken and no longer works. This has caused many hours of lost productivity with workarounds that involve dragging files to google my drive and linking them and moving them back to the team drive, or copying links and typing the names of files. Please prioritize this as a defect fix that is urgently needed not a new idea or want from your users.

Please open the thread so we can continue to see the number of people who need this and who are impacted negatively by the continued existance of this defect.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply and your passion in the engagement of the community feedback. We are continuously capturing, aggregating, and passing along the feedback from the community to our product team, including your feedback about the Team Drive integration.

As the community continues to grow and evolve, we are also doing our best to create clarity for community members to find answers to questions while also providing an outlet for sharing product feedback with breadth and depth. We are still working out how we approach this with each open feedback thread and in aggregate across the community moving forward, and we hope to have a more formal solution soon. In the meantime, I understand and apologize for your frustration.


Thanks for your thoughtful reply, @Kaitie.

Hi @Doug_Holbrook - We genuinely appreciate your concerns here and we’re sorry to hear of your frustration. To echo Kaitie’s comments, we are at a unique stage in Community development, where we aim to learn and grow from one year of our Community. Part of that process includes doing our best to keep the Community clean and organized for visitors, and part of that process is determining how to adjust our existing processes to better serve our customers. Unfortunately, there will be some growing pains during this process, and we appreciate your patience as we find an ongoing system. Feel free to continue to share your feedback. In the meantime, if you’re curious about how Asana takes into account feedback and builds the product roadmap, I recommend this Medium post by our head of Product, Jackie Bavaro.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.


I was not part of the original conversation but I did go back and read/skim. It’s a bit disturbing that it’s gone on this long with no timeframe of this being “fixed”

I will say on behalf of Asana though… The way that Google rolled out Team Drives was a mess for anyone else who deals with them. They seeded it to a LOT of business users and tried to get a lot of adoption before it was EVER ready to go Live. It was in beta for a very long time. There wasn’t even a clear sign how sure they were that this would work with a lot of internal discussions that were very upset with the change from the old drive.

And if you think Asana is behind… check this out… we use chromeboxes here at the office and Team Drives STILL doesn’t work with the Files app on ChromeOS which means we can’t use Team Drives properly for upload/download on google’s OWN operating system.

While I am a bit concerned about this being a year old and having the thread closed with no timeframe posted, I also have seen a lot of Great things from Asana compared to other apps I’ve used and I’m confident they will fix this.


I had a support ticket about this topic that finally got a very clear and understandable answer, this is all I have been looking for this past year.
@Matthew_Burt is right Google’s rollout of Team Drives was a mess. And it seems the Asana team has run into difficulties with the new picker. From Brandon at Asana Support
“There are currently some blockers we are facing, which is delaying the progress of the team drive development. Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose what is specifically happening, but rest assure, we are working on it.”

Everyone understand sometimes things are not compatible and it takes time, this is a much more understandable response than, thanks for the feature request it will be added to the backlog.

Entire Response
MAR 06, 2018 | 02:25PM PST
Hi Doug,
Thanks for writing back and apologies for that.

You are definitely correct that the team drive picker for google has been out. It looks like my colleague was not brushed up with updates regarding the Google Team drive situation.

Looking into the open task we have, it looks like our team is currently in the midst of coordinating with Google to get this feature developed.

There are currently some blockers we are facing, which is delaying the progress of the team drive development. Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose what is specifically happening, but rest assure, we are working on it.

I have also notified my team regarding updates around the Google team drive situation so that we do not run into this mishap again.

In regards to why the thread was closed, from looking into the community post you are referencing, I can see that my colleague, Alexis had left a response. From a glance, since we are already in the works of developing this feature, new requests for a Team drive feature will be redundant.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.



As a brand new Premium user with 14 other colleagues, I’m really disappointed to see the way that the thread on this was closed after a year with no answer. This thread has provided some relief so thanks but already I’m wondering if we’ve made a mistake with Asana because of this. A timeline to getting this sorted would be appreciated.


Well again, she just handled this one situation in a way that upset some people. And I wouldn’t even say it was “wrong”, it’s just the way it was perceived. Asana is great, their team is great, their support staff is great, and their code is great. I would not be worried about this one thing.

Archiving posts that are a year old is a very normal thing to do. There was just a bit of miscommunication with their team. Everyone makes mistakes. I know I’ve miscommunicated with my clients and team before… It happens.


Hi folks - We hear you on this. For the time being we have stopped our practice of closing threads. While closing threads is a common and necessary practice in online Communities in order to keep content fresh and helpful for all visitors, it sounds like we need to reconsider our options here. My team and I are exploring other options for how to engage with your product feedback and keep the content in our Community current for our visitors. Thanks for being patient with us as we consider the best next steps to take. cc @Marie @Michael_A


So, is there a way we can vote on the priority of this fix? The old thread had a way, but I don’t see how to do it in this thread. It’s a huge issue for our company.


Hi Andy! We hear you and the community loud and clear on your desire for this. Thank you :slight_smile:


Very exciting news!