Timeline Dependencies?



I recently upgraded to Asana Premium for the use of dependent tasks. However, what I was really hoping for were dependent timelines, meaning if task 2 is dependent on task 1 and task 1 is delayed, date ranges for task 2 get pushed back. For example:

Task 1 (Timeline = 1 week)
Task 2 dependent on task 1 (Timeline = 1 week)

Ideal: If task 1 is completed early / late, task 2 dates are updated following it’s 1 week turn around time.

Is this feature currently available? If not, is there any plan to add it in?


I have the same issue. Actually I bought Asana Premium aiming this feature…


Hey @Rodrigo_Wolff & @Sarah_from_BounceX,; Michael from Asana here!

This is a great suggestion, which I’m actually going to move over to our Product Feedback category, since what you’re asking is not available in- product just yet!

Great suggestion though!


Michael -

I would love this feature as well. I cannot find where this has been added in product feedback (it would be great to have a link to that in this thread). Can you help me find it so I can vote on it?


Hi @Kristen_Speth

Through a little moderator magic, it already appears in the Product feedback category :wink:
Don’t forget to click the vote button by the post title to have your vote count.

Hope this helps!