Timeline on iPad app


Not sure why it’s not there, but the iPad app needs to show everything the web app does, including the Timeline. It’s useless without it.


Agreed, greater functionality on the iPad app would be beneficial


A lot of apps only allow a subset of features of the webapp, this is rather common :sweat_smile:


Yeah I agree - it would be amazing to get the timeline functionality on the Ipad - and even on the iPhone - even if it’s just in a “view” kind of form.

Basically the only reason I use my MacBook Pro now is so that I can create and view timelines on Asana. If the timeline feature was available on the iPad, I would not need to cart my heavy MacBook Pro around along with my IPad Pro anymore!

Asana, if you’re reading this… what can we do to help get the timeline feature into the Ipad asap?