Tracking Completion Date in relation to Due Date


I’m trying to see if there is someway to report on how tasks within a project are being completed in relation to their due date. Has anyone attempted this, and had success? In the Google Sheets reporting it looks like it’s only on a project level, and not a task level. Am I missing something?


Hi @Daniel_G

Have you explored this using your Asana Dashboard or the Progress section of a given project? Alternatively, you could create strategic advanced searches that allow you to view complete and incomplete tasks relative to their due date.

I recommend that you visit Asana’s documentation on reporting here:

Please let us know if you have other questions!


I think maybe something like an API trigger would work perhaps? Triggers on a story that you completed a task on X date, subtracts it from the given due date? This would be REALLY interesting to me so I hope others chime in =) I’m an API noob.


I agree, this function can allow a project manager to identify patterns of Lateness on tasks level. Not only project level.


I am also looking for the same type of report to easily get the tasks that were simply marked as completed past their initially set due dates.

Anyone has a solution through Asana?


Hi @Jana_Abi_Akar,
I suggest that you run an advanced search for completed tasks (with whichever assignee and/or due time frame you’re looking for). When you see the tasks come up, you’ll know what was completed overdue because the due dates will appear in red. (Unless, of course, someone changed the due date to complete the task at a later time.)


Is it possible to restrict which users can change the due date on a task. If I give a colleague a task based on a programme plan agreed with customers I don’t want just anyone to be able to advance the Due Date. In one of our use cases we want the project officer to create use and change tasks but within the constraints on approved programme milestones.

Is this possible in Asana?


Yup! @Keith_Davidson it is possible to give users view only permissions. Learn more here