Turn emails into tasks with Asana for Gmail


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Hey all; Michael from Asana here!

Just wanted to officially relay a much awaited update to the Community about the ability to add this integration if you’re an admin.

Google has made an update and Gmail Add-ons now support domain-wide installation. As a result, G Suite admins can now install Gmail Add-ons for their own accounts.

I do want to note, we have heard that often the add-on is not visible after initial install and log in. If this is the case for you & you’re not able to see a right side panel open up when you click into an email or the Asana logo to the right of your screen, please try signing out of your Gmail and signing back in or try opening different emails. We have also seen this reset for folks and operate as intended after refreshing one or more times.


Hi @Michael_A

This update has now allowed me to install the add on. However despite numerous refreshes, Chrome and laptop restarts over multiple days the add on is still not showing up. In the meantime I have installed a Salesforce add on with similar functionality and it is working perfectly so I do not think it is a problem on my device or domain side.

Do you have any further advice on how to get this working?