Working offline



It’s a most. Have to look for different provider that support offline mode (perhaps like trello) :frowning:


1+ offline is crucial, no question
The first post asking for an offline version was made Dec 2017, more than 6 month ago.
@michael_a : Is an offline app for mac/pc scheduled / in the pipeline …?
We have internal discussion about Asana vs. Evernote vs. Trello … and offline is a key feature
We use all three platforms and I think we decide in Oct which will be rolled out for the company. I would like to see Asana could be the one :slight_smile:


+1 business mission critical for us doing consulting as we have a lot of travel on the go. Please add to roadmap


Pretty surprised to see Asana doesn’t offer this! It seems like a core problem for productivity tools to have some offline mode.


Huh, I guess Trello doesn’t either.


Well I’ll be a blue-nosed gopher