A way to move subtask from a parent task to another parent task?


There are some recurring sub tasks under a parent task, once they are completed, a new one will be created. Is there an easy way to move the new subtask to another parent task which is the next one within list view?

Little bit more details as an example:

Board Meeting Agenda (every month)
Example: December Meeting
Sub task1
Sub task2
Once a subtask is completed, new one will be created for “the next board meeting” within the December meeting task.

Next task: January Meeting

Is it possible to move the new sub tasks from December Meeting task to January Meeting task within list view?

Moving Subtasks between tasks
Moving Subtasks between tasks

You can move subtasks out of the parent by using the drag handle to move it to the main project. From there, you could drag it into another parent task.

However, it sounds like for this scenario you should be setting the parent task up to repeat, not the subtasks.


I find that using Instagantt along with Asana provides the most flexibility for managing tasks. It works with live Asana data, so if I need to do this I switch over to Instagantt and the change is reflected in Asana.


Thanks Paul :slight_smile:


HI. I am trying to move a subtask into another task. I don’t seem to be able to drag and drop it as I would expect to be able to do. Please advise.


You need to drop the subtask into the center pane and then again into the other task. I know this is not ideal :slight_smile:

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Hi there, Bastien. Would you mind please giving more detail? Does this work in board view, too? I’m not sure what the “center pane” is…

thank you!


Thanks for replying. But I have been trying that all day - it just doesn’t drag into the centre pane. Trying to move “write blog posts” as attached.


@Lori_Williams @rosanne does that help? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p6B31BpwGyVgN2gDfYeClgSXBLdfnzKd/view


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