Change due dates of multiple tasks


Hi all,

I am struggling to batch edit multiple tasks to change the due date. I am following the instructions posted here under ‘shift multiple due dates in a list’.

I recall making this work before, and I am following the instructions to the letter but I’m not having any luck. Is anyone else having a similar problem, or can anyone give me some advice?

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How do I set Asana to automatically trigger due date creation upon completion of other tasks?

it is still working for me, however, it is NOT working for sub-tasks, but this is normal, so if you wanted to change sub-task due dates this might be the explanation :slight_smile:



Thanks for the tip! No they are not subtasks. Having sorted the tasks by due date I am then selecting all, holding ctrl and using arrow keys, but nothing is happening. Rather frustrating!

I have emailed support, but if anyone has any other tips they would be much appreciated!


How can I connect the due dates of subtasks to the due date of their parent task?

Just in case I’ll show you this post:

But if these steps don’t work, it’s probably a bug. Please let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis,

Thanks for that - those were exactly the steps I have been taking but with no success - I think it might be a bug then - any idea how long it would take to sort?

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UPDATE - it seems you can change due dates when under ‘my tasks’ (i.e. those assigned to me), but not under the project tasks. It seems the bug is in the project tasks.



Same here, Is there a way to get it sorted for Projects?


Love this feature! However, batch shifting due dates is not currently working.

Also look forward to automated / depended due date assignment.


@Seth_Gleeson if you’re unable to batch shift due dates it looks like you could be seeing a bug. Could you please confirm the actions you’re taking to try to batch shift? Once you do that I’ll be able to report the possible bug. Thanks!


I started experiencing this bug also, just yesterday. I shift-select a series of tasks in list view, hold down command and press the down arrow. Instead of moving the dates out, the dates do not change.

Very muck looking forward to having this bug addressed, as our dates shift around rather often! Thanks.


I’m having the same issue, and am exactly following the steps outlined above. This issue was resolved around 6-8 weeks ago, but seems to be back. It is a really helpful tool, so anything that can be done to update would be most appreciated!


Thanks for the heads up!


I’ve never done this before, but I’m working on onboarding a team that needs it and I’m trying all the different ways and cannot get the dates to shift. If I’m in a project pane that has no sort, it just moves the tasks up and down in the list. If I do it in the project pane that has sort by due date, it just is static and doesn’t change (either in order or due date).


It stopped working for me too. Just a week or two ago it worked just fine, but now I can’t get my tasks to shift due dates. I’ve tried it in the project list view and in My tasks view, neither one works.

To confirm the actions taken:

Chenge view > Set sort to: Due date > Select multiple task > hit Ctrl arrow down/up > nothing happens.

Otherwise when moving tasks around in an unsorted view the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+arrows up/down works just fine. I’m using Chrome app to access Asana in a Linux OS. In Firefox browser it doesn’t work either. :confused:


This is happening now for me too!


Why would this feature be removed? It was one of the most helpful features. Is it a paid feature now?


@Josh_Baker and all - the good news is, this hasn’t been removed. :slight_smile: This is a bug that we’re aware of and our team is working to resolve it.


Is it solved yet? It’s such an important and useful shortcut. Thanks!


Should be resolved soon!


Hi all,

It is working for me today!