Change due dates of multiple tasks


Yep, it works again. Thanks!


Great! Thanks so much!!!


Super! Glad to know you’ve seen the updates! Our engineers will be happy to know you’re happy with this. :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis - I am following the instructions for how to shift multiple due dates in a list and it is not working. Do I push the up down buttons on my keyboard? (that is what I have been doing and it has not worked)

How do I get these dates to shift?


Hi @Ian_Wallace,
you have to push ctrl+up/down arrow for this to work, at least at PC. And don’t forget to change your view to Sort by Due date.
It works also with shift+ctrl+up/down, but that’s unnecessary.

How do I set Asana to automatically trigger due date creation upon completion of other tasks?

Do you know if I can do this with Subtasks too (move due dates)? It would be extremely helpful


Hi @pedro_prada! Yes, you can select several tasks using the multi-select feature ( and then change all their due dates at once using the Tab+D shortcut ( Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


This only works if subtasks are due the same day.
Is there a way to move up or push back subtasks’ different due dates in bulk?


Hey @Grace_Li, there’s no way that I’m aware of to do it easily for subtasks. I don’t think this is the best solution, but if you’re needing to do a lot of shifting for subtasks, you could potentially run a search for “only subtasks in XYZ project(s)”, then add to them all to the project (multi select, tab+p to add to same project) and then you could move them up/down - once done, remove from project in the same fashion (multi-select, then hit X on the project).

Not ideal, however I’ve done this before for large projects that need everything shifted! =)


Multi-select still doesn’t work for me, in list view, in the main pane, when using click-shift-click, or control-arrow or shift-control-arrow. Drat! Just me?


Hi @Justice_Baxter! Have you verified if you’re having the same issue with multiple browsers?


Thanks for the reply! I was using Chrome. I just downloaded Firefox and multi-select DOES work! Crud. Any way to make it work in Chrome? Thanks for your advice and help.


Great news @Justice_Baxter! If your issue is browser-specific, it’s most likely something to do with cache/cookies or an add-on installed on your browser. I would suggest to try out these troubleshooting steps: Keep me posted :slight_smile:


Hi Alexis. Thanks for the instructions on date shifting multiple tasks. Unfortunately, the instructions don’t work for me. I’m currently using Asana on a Windows machine with Chrome. I have several extensions, including the toggl button. First, what are the commands to shift due dates of multiple tasks on a Windows machine? I’ve tried essentially every permutation of ctrl, windows key, tab, function, alt, but no joy. Second, could the browser extensions be the problem? Third…see 1 and 2 :-). Thanks in advance


Hi @J21 Can you confirm what keyboard you’re using? Have you tried the Windows shortcuts listed here:


Hi there - every time I try to change due dates of multiple tasks, I get a message on the top of the screen that says “Trying to reconnect. Changes will be synced once your connection is restored.” Does changing multiple due dates somehow clog the connection to the server because I am asking Asana to change a lot of dates at once? I often have to wait for long stretches of time before I am able to proceed with my work.

I’ve already tried all troubleshooting steps, including trying in multiple browsers (I use Chrome and Firefox on a PC). This never used to happen–I’ve only noticed it in the past couple of months. Because mass due date changes are the only way to adapt project templates to new due dates, I often have to spend hours creating new projects when I want to create, say, 7 new projects all from the same template.

Any help would be great. Thanks!


When you have your tasks divided up into sections and you change the view to ‘by due date’ you lose the category that the tasks are in and everything is re-sorted. I only need to change the dates of a specific section, not the whole timeline.

Is there a way to do it without it being in the ‘by due date’ view?


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