Conversations aren't automatically followed


Conversations are great for team banter and announcements, but people are missing out on the full picture/activity if they archive from Inbox too early.

If you archive the Inbox item, you will not be updated on future comments or file posts to that conversation. Meaning that anyone who archived the Conversation too early, only gets only the initial part of the conversation and have been in the dark to the second half of the team replies.

The issue is that it only notifies the 8 people in the Team in the 1st instance but does not make everyone a follower. This is the case even if you Like the Conversation. Only if you comment/reply will you be listed as an active follower and updated on new activity.

Conversations that notify every member in the team should simply make all those users followers to the conversation. People are then back in the drivers seat, and can unfollow any conversations that are bothersome.


I do agree with you. However I understand Asana’s decision on this. After all, they are trying to kill email in the workplace. And what is the worse about emails? Being CCed everywhere and kept in the loop without being able to opt-out. So they decided on this “opt-in needed after initial notification” which is great once you understand you need to add yourself as a follower.

Asana consultant, author and developer