CSV Importer Now Available


Hi There

I am trying to use the CSV importer but are having difficulties.

I created a simple test project in ASANA. It has a board or two, some tasks and some subtasks with dates and asignees. I then used the CSV exporter to create a CSV file, I used this to get a litte more insight into the format.

I then created a new test project and tried importing the exact same csv I exported before. For some reason it does not allow me to map any fields, I get this message “Something doesn’t look right? Try changing Encoding Settings”. I tried all the listed coding but nothing works.

One would exspect that if you export a project, you should be able to import that project again to create and eact diuplicate?

Can you please asisst?



The importer needs to support the creation of projects, tasks and sub-tasks to make it easy to move over from other todo list platforms. I’ve tried to move myself from Wunderlist but it’s way too painful. I have multiple Projects in Wunderlist, I can’t spend time creating them manually and then importing each set of tasks, it’s just too painful. The omission of sub-tasks is also important, almost every project has a task->sub-task relationship, this needs to be supported please.


@Maimoona_Block can you help or provide some insight to my posts? :smiley:


Hi @Jerod_Hillard apologies for the delay and thanks for your feedback. Will you confirm I’ve captured it correctly? You’d like to see the CSV have these features:

1.ability to import subtasks
2.ability to import tags
3.ability to import descriptions-this is possible (everything is put in the description field by default) so can you provide more information on what you are looking for.

I’d love to hear about your use case, so if you are interested in chatting by phone, please DM me.



@Maimoona_Block, your quote below is correct. I discovered this after further testing. Initially, I didn’t think this was something available because the field wasn’t specified in the blog post I read.

A stretch wish list would be for Dependencies (if the task or subtask exists and is appropriately referenced within the file being imported) and Attachments

I would love to connect to further discuss our use case and the potential here. I’ll DM you. Thanks!