Dashboard/Google Sheets Reporting



Hello! I’m trying to optimize the Google Sheets integration for use in a weekly meeting where we report out on all projects. That being said, I had some questions about the integration that I wasn’t sure if anyone could answer!

  • Can you add columns to a spreadsheet with the live source data without it affecting those live columns? For example, adding a “Notes” column.

  • After pulling a column from the live source data, can you change the name of that column without affecting the live source data? For instance, I want to change “Name” to “Projects” for better visibility/clarity in reporting.

  • Is there any way to manually update the sheet versus having to wait every hour?

Any help is much appreciated!


Hi @kbuchanio! We’ll be happy to help. I’ve reached out to my colleagues who are informed about the integration. I’ll get back to you with more information shortly!