Due Time and Time Zones



We’re a company with 20+ locations that spans all time zones. We’re noticing that when we set a “due time” it is not very useful when working across the multiple time zones! For example, if we set a due time as 5:00 based on eastern time, it is 5:00 across all time zones. Definitely an issue for us!


Internationalization is just an awful complicated problem. It gives developers nightmare, trust me :scream:

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Hey @Laura_Johnson, sorry for the trouble! Due time should definitely show up in the local time, no matter where you’re located. So a task due at 5:00pm easter time should be due at 2pm Pacific Time.

That said, our system handles timezones via user’s IP address, so if you’re using a VPN for example, it might explain why you’re running into this issue!


Thank you!! I’ll talk to our IT team!


No worries @Laura_Johnson! Keep us posted when you have a minute! :slight_smile: