Export All Data from Asana


Trying to get all tasks/projects etc pulled out of my workspace. Currently have json requests set up to handle this, but Asana servers shut me down after to many requests. Is there a better way to get all data, would like this data to be able to be live to use in a dashboard.


Hi @Taylor_Monticelli. For a mass export I recommend that you reach out to support at https://asana.com/support/#contact-form. Otherwise, you could setup a weekly cadence where bits of information are exported at a time so the system doesn’t stop you.

Have you considered using Advanced Search for reporting instead of doing complex data exports? Advanced Search and Dashboards are Asana’s go-tos for reporting.


Advanced search wouldn’t work. The process limits the ability to automate this process.

I seem to be on a loop for help then, but Ill email support again hoping to find an answer.


Feel free to tell them that Alexis referred you from the Community :slight_smile:


Hello. I noticed the same problem some time ago. I solved it by creating an app that downloads tasks by Asana’s API. You can use it as well without any programming knowledge.

Look at my blog post about it: https://medium.com/@pablo127/exporting-tasks-from-asana-for-backup-and-analytic-9780567e430f

If you have any questions please ask.