Feature Request: Making Subtasks in GMail Plugin


Hi Asana team!

Would it be possible to include an option to create a Subtask with the Gmail Plugin in addition to full tasks? The way our team operates, we like to create a subtask for a specific portion of the project and then keep track of each step as subtasks within that subtask.

So, for example, we have:

TASK HEADER: Comic Book Issue #1
MAIN TASK: Colors - Artist
^Within that subtask, we keep track of all the actionable items we do to keep that Artist in charge of colors on track. This also serves as a record of each step completed in the process.

It’d be great if, in my Gmail, I could make a subtask under Colors - Artist so that we can keep a list of items that have been accomplished as we work towards completing the main task (having the artist color all the pages).

Thanks for listening!