Headers are missing in My Tasks for some users



I watched the tutorials and it made total sense to me to have the My Tasks list broken down into Today, Upcoming and Later. I was telling my team to organize their tasks in this manner but I appear to be the only person to have all three of those categories. Most users don’t have any headers and two users have Today and Upcoming but no Later. Can I add headers with dropdowns and does that have to be done per individual user?


Hi @Dawn_Hieger!

In order for the Today/Upcoming/Later categories to appear in your My Tasks section, you must use the keyboard shortcut responsible for doing so. For the full list of Keyboard shortcuts, click the following link: https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/shortcuts

Otherwise I’ve attached a screenshot of the most relevant information below

If your colleagues don’t have one of these categories in their My Tasks, then they’ll need to use the keyboard shortcut to make it appear. On this point, it’s also important to note that the moment all the Tasks from a given category are either marked complete or are deleted, the category will collapse and you’ll need to use the shortcut again to make it appear.

Pro tip- use sections (https://asana.com/guide/help/projects/sections) within your categories for the dual purpose of holding their place (& keep them from collapsing) as well as to keep your My Tasks impeccably organized!

Hope this helps!


Hi Dawn

Just a quick point of clarification. In order for those sections to appear, there must be tasks labelled as Today, Upcoming or Later. If there are no tasks with those labels, the sections won’t be there. So you select a task by clicking somewhere on its title, then use the shortcuts that @Michael_A pointed out to label those tasks. Or, you could click the blue dot:

I just wanted to make it clear that the keyboard shortcuts in themselves won’t make the sections appear. It’s applying those shortcuts to tasks that does the trick.



Thanks for the replies.

I understand what you are saying but my team mates do not have the headers
for Today, Upcoming or Later, despite me assigning tasks that would apply
to each of those categories. It’s literally just a long list of tasks
without any headers to show a breakdown and it looks like one big mess of
things. They keep going back to the sort option to try to see what the
options are for the day and it’s very confusing.

So it’s not the issue of labeling the tasks but rather having a header
category for the sorting.

One of my bosses has Today and Upcoming but no Later category and again, he
has tasks that seem as though they would be in that section but it’s not

Hopefully this makes sense.



I don’t know if you’ve already tried this, but assigning due dates isn’t what triggers those sections. So, you assigning tasks that would apply to those categories won’t do it. Your colleagues have to go into their My Tasks section, where the tasks you’ve assigned them will be in the New Tasks section. They they select the tasks themselves and assign them appropriately.

If you’ve already tried that it didn’t work, it sounds like a bug to me. I’d send a message to technical support by filling out the form: https://asana.com/support They usually get back to you really quickly.

I hope you get it sorted out.


Ahha, thank you for that. I assumed that assigning the date would do it
since that seems to be how mine are laid out. I’ll give it a whirl and
report back to tech support if the issue remains.

I appreciate the quick feedback! Have a great Friday!