How do I exclude template deadlines from showing in My Tasks?



I created a templated project, with Owners and Dates that we plan to use for each new recurring project we have.

Problem is that these all show up under “My tasks”. How do I get rid of these built-for-template-only tasks?

Aside from not having dynamic deadlines for tasks (like n+1, n+3 where n is the date project is created) this is making Asana pretty unusable for us :confused:


Great question, @Chris_Marin. There is no way to remove these from My Tasks altogether if you want them to remain assigned to you, and we recommend putting these into your “Later” priority section where they will be out of sight. You can see more about the priority sections here.

We know this isn’t a permanent solution, and we’re capturing feedback like this about templates for the Product team. And hopefully this could provide a solution in the interim.