Tasks have wrong time. Daylight Saving Time has shifted tasks an hour later



My tasks all got pushed an hour later somehow. How can I fix this?


Hi Chris. The time zone in your Asana instance is set automatically based on your browser or operating system’s time zone. You can fix the time zone by updating your browser or OS settings.


I didn’t change any setting, and only some of the tasks shifted one hour
forward. I just changed the times back and will keep an eye for any changes
in the future.



this happened to me as well. really strange. i don’t know what the trigger was as it wasn’t all the tasks; i will say this: the tasks i set to “repeat 1x weekly” all jumped an hour.


@Alexis Do you have any updated information on this topic?


This happens at every time change - all of my repeating tasks move forward or backward by an hour. Is there a way to fix this or just not have it happen??


Hi! This is an issue our product team is aware of. Thanks for reporting! We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Hoping to see an update soon. :crossed_fingers:


I am seeing that today is showing as the 16th. And not the 15th like it should be showing.


Hi Spencer - are you still seeing this issue? The Asana time frame is determined by the time indicated in your browser. So, I’d start by checking your browser settings.


I am also experiencing this issue. This has nothing to do with browser settings. The browser version AND the iOS app are both showing 1 hour ahead since the DST adjustment.

The only way I have found to circumvent this is to disable DST on my computer and phone and manually set the time. This is very inconvenient, as I will have to adjustment my time manually on all of my devices (desktop computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone) that support automatic time adjustment for DST. It doesn’t get more inconvenience than that. The only devices I’d like to adjustment manually are the analog clocks in my apartment.

Asana should not be causing an inconvenience. Instead, Asana should be providing a resolution — a clear bug fix. There should be a setting in Asana that allows for the automatic time adjustment for countries operating with DST. This seems like an issue that should be VERY easy to fix with a VERY quick turnaround. Just get it done!


What is going on with this? Where is the support, Asana?


Hi Mark! We’re sorry to hear this is still an issue for you. Our product team is aware of the bug and we’re hoping to have an update for you soon. Thanks so much for your patience.

cc moderators @Michael_A and @Marie



Almost one month has gone by? Any updates?