Timeline - view multiple projects together



Does anyone know if you can view multiple timelines together?

My teams account is set up so that each project is separate, but there are a few that share the same resources, so I’d like to see a timeline view that displays the 3 projects together.



Great question, @sarah_stern!

At this time it isn’t possible to view multiple projects (or Timelines) in one Timeline view. The good news is, this feature is on our team’s radar so hopefully we add this to the roadmap soon.

The best workaround to get multiple projects in one view is to create an Advanced Search report and view your projects in one calendar. Learn more here: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/search#gl-reports


@Terri_Burden hi and thanks indeed for the workaround, though there is no timeline on saved search results.

Create new Project.
Add tasks across all teams/projects to this new project
View everything in Timeline.
Note: If you set the new project to private, then the owners/followers of the added task will not get notified and will not see the addition to the private project.

Hope this helps.