Using ASANA in Manufacturing Industry


Hi Friends,
I would like to know use cases of people using Asana in the Manufacturing industry.


I work for a company in manufacturing and use Asana a lot. Anything specific you’re wanting tips on?


Hi Crystal,

I would like to know if you monitor Production in your company using Asana if so how, secondly I would like to know how you prioritize your TODAY tasks, Example two tasks might be due today, but one of the tasks might be related to an earlier deadline project than the other, thirdly my team mates change their due dates at their own wish not knowing that it will delay the project, what system do you have to avoid this.




We don’t use Asana for manufacturing scheduling at the moment but we do use it for tracking in other ways, and always looking for ways to use it more. Examples include:

  • non-conformances/quality issues.
  • Maintenance and engineering tasks.

Here’s an example of a task in our quality tracking project, generated by a customer complaint.
The project itself is a board, with the columns labeled for the various stages of our quality issues process.


Prioritizing Today tasks is a broad topic and quite dependent on personal working styles. A simple fix could be manually organizing your Today list based on the project deadlines. You could make this show on tasks using a Custom Field. (But there’s no date option to automatically sort as far as I know.)

Personally I find it useful to add sections under Today. For example using the Eisenhower decision matrix:

  • Important and Urgent,
  • Not Important but Urgent,
  • Important but not Urgent
  • Not Important and Not Urgent

I have an ‘Unsorted’ section at the bottom of my TODAY list so upcoming task immediately go there when they come due. I prioritize these at the beginning of each day.

These tips aren’t specific to manufacturing and might not work for everyone but hopefully you can find something helpful there :slightly_smiling_face:


I also work for a manufacturer. Primary use of Asana is for new item setup. A high percentage of our SKUs are private label for multiple retailers and as we bring on new business, our new item setup form helps us manage everything from setup of the item in our MRP system to graphics, product development, QA reviews, etc. We previously used a spreadsheet but everyone complained they didn’t know when tasks were due or completed. Asana really helps us manage that part of our business quite well.